About Route to Reading (Ruta a la Lectura)

Route to Reading (Ruta a la Lectura) is the result of a shared vision and deep commitment by husband and wife, Megan Smith and Iker Madera. It combines Megan’s expertise as a Reading Specialist with Iker’s passion for family support and education access.

Megan Smith: A Decade of Empowering Struggling Readers

Megan Smith, with over a decade of experience, is dedicated to empowering struggling readers. She specializes in working with students with dyslexia and learning disabilities, systematic literacy instruction, and the Science of Reading. Megan’s commitment to evidence-based practices ensures tailored, effective reading instruction, leaving a lasting impact on countless students’ reading success.

Iker Madera: Bridging Communities Through Education

Iker Madera is committed to bridging communities and promoting digital literacy. With an engineering background and extensive tech experience, he understands the importance of digital equity and access to educational resources. Originally from Mexico City, his passion for supporting Spanish-speaking families drives Route to Reading’s mission.

Our mission:

Empowering Students

At Route to Reading, our unwavering commitment is to transform the lives of struggling readers. We provide expert tutoring that fosters lasting growth in their reading skills, empowering them to thrive academically and beyond.

Success for Dyslexic Students

Dyslexia poses unique challenges, but our strength lies in empowering students with dyslexia, regardless of its severity. Our mission is to guide them to reading success through proven therapeutic approaches, fostering growth and confidence.

Empowering Language Learners

We're dedicated to breaking language barriers, providing free translation services, and offering targeted support for academic success and thriving in the U.S. education system. Our aim is to empower emerging English speakers and preserve language skills for true bilingualism.

Route to Reading

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