Our Program: What to Expect

Our program is designed to maximize engagement and academic growth.  Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:

Effective Curricula

Our curriculum is founded on evidence-based instruction, informed by the latest research, and aligned with best practices in reading intervention.

Interactive Virtual Classroom

Our interactive online classroom fosters active participation, allowing students to engage directly with our expert tutors, breaking down the boundaries of traditional education.

Expert Tutors

Our expert tutors are highly trained and experienced in reading instruction, equipped with specialized knowledge to help students overcome reading challenges effectively.

Clinical Approach

This is not your typical tutoring program. We offer a therapeutic approach designed to identify and target the root causes of reading struggles, providing students with a unique and effective pathway to reading success.

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Our best reviews come directly from our students

"She helped me learn a lot, and I love her positive energy."
9th Grade
"Thank you for teaching me this! Thank you for being a good helper to me."
5th Grade
6th Grade
"I understood EVERY thing!"
7th Grade
"My brain was flat at the start but then it turned back on"
8th Grade

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